Our Aim

The aim of the volunteers who manage Mount Vernon Community Hall is to provide a clean, safe, welcoming environment in which local residents can come together to socialise, learn, play, celebrate, be active and learn.

The History

Mount Vernon Community Hall was originally part of the third county of Lanark and was opened in October 1971.  Following a redrawing of boundaries it transferred to Glasgow City Council where it now resides.

The Hall is built on the site of old railway sidings and the original railway site can still be seen in the woodland behind the hall running west from the Kenmuir Road entrance along and under Mount Vernon Avenue to the east.

Meet the Volunteers

Mount Vernon Community Hall is run by a band of highly motivated and energetic volunteers from the local community who give up their free time to ensure that the local community have access to the hall for a whole host of activities.

The Hall is registered as a Charity (SC022802) and the volunteers make up The Hall Management Committee which meets at least four time per year (normally 8-9 times).  The committee is a constituted body with an approved constitution which sets out the mechanics of how the committee should operate.  The Committee holds an open AGM each year where the years achievements are discussed and highlighted and where the committee members are elected.

Mark Donohoe

Volunteer Committee Member (Chair)

Neil McCartney

Volunteer Committee Member

Giovanna Eusebi

Volunteer Committee Member

Lynne Millar

Volunteer Committee Member (Secretary)

Lorraine Izzet

Volunteer Committee Member

John McMaster

Volunteer Committee Member (Treasurer)

Ian Monteague

Volunteer Committee Member

Kim Turkington

Volunteer Committee Member

Gillian Donohoe

Volunteer Committee Member

Ian Ferns

Volunteer Committee Member

Libby Anderson

Volunteer Committee Member