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Mount Vernon Community Hall Improvements 

The Hall turned 50 years old in October 2021! 
We have applied for funding to help achieve our goals. 
If successful we will be able to move closer to transforming our hall making it fit
for the next 50 years for the community to use and enjoy!

The Management Committee

The existing committee consists of volunteers who all contribute in their own way to the success of the hall and driving  the future hall improvements.

Our ambition is for our hall to continue to be one of the best halls in the community for many years to come.   

The Community is at the heart of everything we do. 

Hall Improvements

The hall is in need of constant upkeep as it is well used and loved within the community.

Our Volunteers work hard to keep standards in the hall.  

They often complete all of our odd jobs as well as skilled jobs in their own time to keep our costs low.

Where we have to get outside contractors in we try to source companies locally.  

Our Volunteers raise money through Community Events, party and hall lets as well as looking for funding opportunities.



Infinity Building Group is currently replacing the exterior of Mount Vernon Community Hall roof.

RDA Scaffolding Ltd providing wrap around scaffolding.

Scaffolding & Access Supplies Limited providing security fencing.

Funded by Patersons Quarries and Mount Vernon Community Hall. 

Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 15.03.13.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 15.03.55.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 15.04.16.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 15.04.28.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 15.03.36.png

MVCH Containers painted by Scotts Decorating Services - Part funded by Area Partnership and MVCH

Container lighting added by Electrician Mark Devaney  part funded by Area Partnership and MVCH 


Container Bike Hangers added by JM Joiners Part funded by Cycling Scotland and MVCH

Bikes supplied by Billy Bilsland Cycles and part funded by Cycling Scotland, Energy Savings Trust, Glasgow Life and MVCH 

Screen Shot 2023-07-10 at 11.40.29.png

Mount Vernon Community Hall Entrance way upgrade 2023

Paneling installed by Mullet Makes,  Funded by MVCH 

Boxing in pipework by JM Joiners funded by MVCH 

Painted by Scotts Decorating Services part funded by Area Partnership and MVCH

Carpets installed and fitted by Kelly's Carpets 


Mount Vernon Community Hall exterior painted by Scotts Decorating Services  funded by MVCH 


Mount Vernon Community Hall interior painted by Scotts Decorating Services  funded by MVCH 

239666586_905609143646655_3840312306122605830_n (1).jpg


Mount Vernon Community Hall undergone repairs part funded by Pattersons Quarries, City Property and Mount Vernon Community Hall. 

G&B Roofing and General Builders LTD updated hall soffit and fascias 

A. Brown Drainage Services LTD Jet washed the down pipes and drains 

RDA provided a wrap around scaffolding so that windows could be installed safely

Acron Provided safe removal of Asbestos in window frames and upper level of the roof

Scaffolding & Access Supplies LTD provided site security fencing

Lanes Group made repairs to the drainage in ladies toilets 

Thomson Glazing LTD installed Aluminium windows in to the hall

Main door and window replacement 

Thanks to MKY Aluminium Ltd for installing our new window in seating area. 
and to Ecosse for installing our new main door and to Advanced Roller Doors for replacing the roller shutters at the main entrance. Funding sourced from Glasgow City Council and also Mount Vernon Community Hall 





The Main Hall Redecoration

October 2017



Big thanks to Scott Connelly of Scott's Decorating Services who worked tirelessly to get the whole main hall decorated this week.

We truly appreciate the long hours and hard work he put in.

Black out blinds added to  the hall also in 2017

Funded by Glasgow City Council and MVCH


Refurbishing the hall toilets 

October 2015








Glasgow City Council Area Partnership Funding allowed us to update our ladies and gents toilets

Hall Lights

December 2015



Our hall lights look great!  Cassell Fern Electrics worked hard over the festive period so a big thanks to Ian 

Some of our hall Improvements

2023 Kitchen upgraded by JM Joiners kitchen supplied by Howdens 

2023 Main hall fusebox replacement by Stuart Florence Part funded by Area Partnership

2023 kitchen Fire-door replacement Advanced Roller Shutters - Part funded by Area Partnership

2023 Main Hall lighting replaced by Stuart Florence. Scissor Lift supplied by

2023 Entrance hall and corridor paneling painted  by Scotts Decorating

2023 Entrance hall and corridor paneling by Mullett Makes 

2023 Entrance Hall corridor boxing in by JM Joiners

2022 Seating area painted by Scotts Decorating 

2022 Main hall repainted by Scotts Decorating 

2022 Hall exterior repainted 

2021 Upgrade astroturf with wet-pour Scotplay funded by Patersons Quarry, MVCH Centre Playgroup

2021 Main hall windows Thomson Glazing LTD funded by Patersons Quarry & MVCH

2021 soffit and fascia replacement G & B Roofing and General Builders Ltd funded by Area Partnership & MVCH

2021 Wrap around scaffolding provided RDA

2021 2 new Boiler upgrad funded by Area Partnership and MVCH

2021 upgrading drainage funded by MVCH

2020 Improved external Lighting funded by MVCH

2019 added an electric roller shutter at the kitchen exit funded by Area Partnership and MVCH

2019 replaced our Fire doors funded by Area Partnership and MVCH

2019 replaced one of our boilers funded by MVCH 

2019 repaired drainage system funded by City Building 

2019 upgraded our CCTV Aoi Digital funded by MVCH 

2019 upgraded 4 storage areas and lighting funded by Area partnership and MVCH

2018 Replaced the seating area window 

2018 Added electric main door roller shutters

2018 adding hall sound system

2018 Replacing main entrance door

2018 Repainting the entrance hall and seating area

2017 Repainting the main hall

2017 Add binds to our main hall

2017 3 New external Fire doors

2016/17 Repairing the Hall flat roof

2015 Repairs to main hall lights

2015 Refurbishing the hall male and female toilets

Some of our future Ambitions​

  • Replacing the main hall roof  

  • Repairing guttering

  • Adding more event lighting

  • update meeting room 

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