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Mount Vernon Community Woodland 

Thanks to all the ideas and help from our various public consultations Mount Vernon Community Hall volunteers have successfully planned and created a nature trail within the existing Community woodland area located behind Mount Vernon Community Hall. 

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Linking Paths 


We recently linked the community nature trail with the existing paths within Mount Vernon Park, to create a natural loop and a robust safe off road active travel link, the path also flow's through our Community Garden growing space.  This was done over two phases Initial Paths for All funding allowed us to improve the existing manmade path into the Community woodland and linking Carrick Drive to Mount Vernon Park flowing through the  woodland and flowing through the community garden area .  Further funding from Paths for all and Stalled Spaces allowed us to continue our robust Ultitrec path throughout the community woodland nature trail and linking with paths within Mount Vernon Park.


The Woodland train was added to the Woodland area 

Thanks to the funding collected by members of the community and wider community who donated towards our Crowdfunding. Thank you also to  Ross McCreadie Chains who created another fantastic train for us called Smokey


We have also added The Windyedge station in the woodland with creative design and supply by Martin and Nicky from MJM Projects 

Over £5,000 in damage caused on the 31st of May 2020 in Mount Vernon Community Woodland. The community and volunteers were devastated by this mindless act of vandalism to community property. Mount Vernon Community Hall volunteers had been successfully awarded funding from Tesco Bags of Help, Stalled Spaces and Paths for All to create this space.

A special thanks to the Police and Fire Brigade who were out at midnight keeping us safe trying put the fire out in order to stop the potential spread throughout the woodland area and neighbouring properties. The police have found individuals involved and they have been charged. Antisocial behaviour is not acceptable setting fires in a woodland area is highly irresponsible . 

Our Local and wider community have been amazing! 

Members of the community have been fantastic and this has only fired up the existing community spirit. We have had offers of help and support. People asked us to create a Just Giving  funding page so that we can restore this area to a child safe play area again as soon as possible. As it is a much loved centrepiece of the woodland nature trail enjoyed by old and young alike. Within 24 hours we our Target was met! We have contacted Ross McCreadie who produced the train and structures found within the community woodland. He is working on a replacement train and other structures that were planned to go into the area. 


Not all superheroes wear capes. Thank you MJM Projects - Martin McGread for helping the phoenix rise from the ashes! Martin surprised us by quickly building a  wonderful Train for the community woodland after seeing the devastation left in the area he wanted to build something, so that the kids wouldn't be disappointed to have nothing to play with in this area. 

Thank you David and Julie Fox who picked up all of the rubbish and debris on the morning 1st of June 2020 that was left behind within the Mount Vernon Woodland area and Mount Vernon Park you done a magnificent job! Thank you!

Thank you Andy Napier and Community hall volunteer Neil for removing the debris from the the woodland area to make it safe  for the children to play in and ready for the new installation 

Devastating woodland fire on 30th May 2020  

Adventure play 

Stalled Spaces funding has allowed us to install a story telling circle and The Poplars children's Adventure Playground and train shaped calming barrier from the car park area from the stairs leading to the community woodland. Funding from Tesco Bags of Help we have added a second adventure playground area with a train activity area. This will link to the history of the site as it once was a railway line. 


Christmas 2020


Gruffalo Trail

We have installed Gruffalo characters along our  Community woodland nature trail . We ordered another fox and have recently welcomed the return of both the fox and snake in to the woodland thanks to Ross McCreadie who created another Mr Fox after it was stolen on Christmas Eve 2019 and was unfortunately not returned.

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Planting Trees 

Woodland Trust have donated hundreds of trees  and shrubs that have been planted in the community woodland and community garden space. We have also sown wildflowers with seed's donated from Grow Wild, create wildlife habitats and improve our local area.  

Tidying the woodland area on a regular basis allows this area to be used and enjoyed by all the local community to explore and enjoy, improving community health and wellbeing by providing physical outdoor activity and contact with nature . 


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Get Involved Make a Positive Difference 

If you would like to get involved in future volunteering days we would love to hear from you please contact us.  

Volunteering with us can range from anything from one hour of your time, a morning, afternoon or the entire day, it really doesn’t matter. We understand that your time is precious so we really appreciate however much of that time you can give. No previous experience necessary, and all ages and skills levels are welcomed you may even learn a new skill in the process! 

Future volunteering days

We plan to meet up on the last Sunday of the month from 12pm to 3pm to make further improvements so watch this space or better still come along and help us create a wonderful space for the community to use and enjoy together.

We hope that you can make it along on the day of you are free. 

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